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Giving Is Caring → December 1

SUPPORT ALL BELIEFS TO BUILD A BETTER WORLD We can make a human impact to build a better world for all beliefs on December 1st Tuesday. Would you like to be one of them? With Covid-19 and all the challenges for humanity, it makes it harder to come together and build interfaith dialogue. We believe that

Terrorist Attacks in Christchurch

The Southeast Islamic Community Center (SICC) not only condemns the terrorist attack on the Mosques in Christchurch but is deeply concerned about how right wing extremist ideology has been able to plan a devastating attack in one of the most peaceful cities in the world. The mass shooting of Muslim worshipers in the 2 Mosques


Dear friends, In order to comply with public health warnings and protect our community from Covid19 pandemic, all programs are cancelled at the masjid including daily prayers except Friday prayers until further notice. Please be diligent and stay safe. May Allah protect everyone in these difficult times.
Read more about the Rules of attending Friday prayer in our masjid.
Southeast Islamic Community Center