Community Service

One day a man looked around and saw people in need: homeless, poor, disabled. Then he asked: O God, if you are the maker and the creator of every being, then why didn’t you do something for these poor souls?

Right then a voice answered him: I did something. I made you.
As the people of the Southeast Islamic Community Center SEICC, we want to be among the people whom God made for others and share the feelings of troubled souls. Unfortunately, today 13 % of Americans face hunger each morning and approximately 664,414 people spend each night without shelter. Many children live in poverty and do not get enough nutrition in their diet. This has an adverse affect on their everyday lives.

As the people of this society, we cannot ignore these needy souls and live as if nothing sad happens around us. It is our sincere belief that ignoring them means not to be a part of the human society. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) warned us: “whoever goes to bed at night with a full stomach while his neighbor is hungry, is not one of us”.

Our goal at SEICC is to reach out to these brothers and sisters in humanity, regardless of their age, color, ethnicity, and religion and let them know that there is somebody out there for them.
Regarding our humanitarian activities.