At the Southeast Islamic Community Center (SEICC), we believe that differences among us exist so that we may become acquainted with and understand each other better:

“O men! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another.” (The Qur’an: 49/13)

As the people of 21st century, we live in a very complex world. Concepts and phenomena like technology, globalization, communication, economy, Internet are heavily influencing our daily lives. In contrast to the past, we accomplish so many things in an easier and faster way, yet despite our amazing achievements, we still have not been able to eradicate tensions, wars and social unease among humanity. It seems that our souls are still in search of serenity.

The Southeast Islamic Community Center (SEICC), as another component of this complex world, seeks to lighten the burdens of our lives by providing understanding among people. In this mission, we primarily hope to provide understanding between Turkish people and American society as well as Muslims and non-Muslims. In order to accomplish this mission, we’ll engage in interfaith dialogue, produce educational resources and opportunities, organize humanitarian activities and utilize the universal tongue of art.

Southeast Islamic Community Center