Rules for the Friday Prayer

Türkçe Oku

1. Ablution is not allowed in the mosque. It is necessary to make ablution at home. (Restrooms and ablution places will be closed)

2. You can not enter the mosque without a facemask. (Everyone’s body temperature will be checked at the entrance).

3. Everyone will bring their own prayer rugs. (Until the next prayer time, this prayer rug should definitely be washed and not be used or discarded without washing it.)

4. A line will be kept at determined distances inside the mosque. (6 feet)

5. There should be no handshaking during prayer exits.

6. The fard of the Friday prayer will be performed inside the mosque, not in the garden.

7. The remaining parts of the prayer can be performed in the garden of the mosque, open areas, and in the green area or at home depending on the meteorological / seasonal conditions.

8. Elder people over the age of 65 will not attend the Friday prayer. Children over the age of 15 will be able to participate.

9. Those with symptoms of illness should stay at home.

10. No preaching will be made in Friday prayers, sermons will be recited, attention will be paid to performing prayers in shortest period of time.

11. No use of Quran stand, rosary, shoehorn etc. which are open to common use in mosques.

12. While entering the mosque, everyone should take their shoes with them in a bag. (The bag will be given upon arrival.)


Dear friends, In order to comply with public health warnings and protect our community from Covid19 pandemic, all programs are cancelled at the masjid including daily prayers except Friday prayers until further notice. Please be diligent and stay safe. May Allah protect everyone in these difficult times.
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